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eWATERpay launched

Africa Water Enterprises have just taken over the maintenance of a large village’s multi-tap solar powered scheme in Upper River Region The Gambia. The water system was installed in 2007 by the Japanese and had been maintained haphazardly since. Water flow had decreased from 60,000 litres per day to 12,000 litres. AWE spent just  £4,000 on basic maintenance. (The flow rate doubled when the filthy solar panels were cleaned). Each adult in the village has registered for eWATERpay and pays 15 dallasi per month to use the system. So far there have been no defaulters because the consumers know that these systems do require technical maintenance, and that it costs money to do it. They understand the huge benefits of having the 10 taps running sustainably in the village and their only regret is that they didn’t have eWATERpay two years ago when the flow rate began to drop and when they had to go back to traditional sources contaminated with bacteria and protozoa.

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