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Mobiles 4 Development – £200,000 Grant Award Successful

Africa Water Enterprises were successful in applying for a GSMA Mobiles4Development grant to support the design, build and installation of 150 eWATERtaps in The Gambia and Senegal.

Rob Hygate, Operations Director said “this grant is fantastic news, it gives us the opportunity to go from prototype; to a working, robust eWATERtap that can cope with the extreme heat and dust in our project villages”

The grant will allow Africa Water Enterprises to provide clean drinking water for over 100,000 people, repairing their broken taps and solar systems and installing the eWATERtaps.

Amie Mbellow, Field Operations Manager reports that “the people are very happy, they know that they must find a way to pay for the water fairly, without people stealing the money and giving free water to their relatives. Only then can the taps and solar panels be maintained forever”

Alison Wedgwood CEO says “our efforts to get a community household payment, or use scratch cards and pay tap attendants proved, sadly,  that at least half of the funds go missing and we don’t then have enough money to maintain the system. This way, using NFC technology and eWATERcredit transferred through mobile phones,  affordable payments are made for water and it is simple and fair for everyone to use. Users buy their eWATERcredit from vendors, or direct through the new mobile money system coming online in The Gambia, and use their tags to operate the taps located conveniently around the village”

Africa Water Enterprises believe that this approach will revolutionise rural water supply in Sub Saharan Africa and improve productivity, health and the well being of millions of citizens.