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eWATERpay Success Following Launch in Jarreng Village

On the 18th March, after 6 months of development, and thanks to Mobiles4Development, DFID and GSMA,  the first eWATERtaps were installed in Jarreng Village. Immediately, local users were queuing up to purchase eWATERcredit from the local shopkeeper, and in just 3 days over 500 households were registered with eWATERtags.

Local woman expressed the most delight with the system.. “this is much fairer, you pay for what you use, there is no more fighting at the taps, and everyone pays the same.” Surprisingly, people bought more eWATERcredit than we had anticipated, sometimes over 1,000 litres of water, or 50 jerry cans were bought up front, demonstrating that people were willing to pay for affordable clean water as long as they understand that their fees will be used to maintain the system forever.

The biggest advantage for most people is the 24/7 access to guaranteed clean, cheap water at any of the 27 taps installed around the village. Next village is Jafai Kutu!ewater_girls2