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Four more villages using eWATERtaps

Since launching the eWATERtap in March the demand for eWATERtaps in rural Africa has been staggering. Over 1,000 households have registered with us and purchased tags and over one million litres of water a month is now being sold for just under 1 pence per 20 litre jerry can. Local woman in particular have expressed their delight that there is no more fighting at the tap and the water is available 24/7, is cold and fresh and guaranteed clean. We have had two breakdowns which were repaired within 24 hours.

The biggest problem for us is the demand from other villages, we are regularly been inundated with email requests for us to set up eWATERtaps in lots of other regions in The Gambia – and now in other countries as well, as far away as Botswana and Malawi. ¬†There are now 8 water sellers purchasing eWATERcredit and then selling it directly to households who buy as much or as little as they need. The most important feedback from our focus group discussions is that the eWATERtaps are fair because they know that the sellers never get free eWATERcredit to give to their friends or steal the money because they can’t – everything has to be paid for upfront. ¬†Instead everyone pays the same for water and without eWATERcredit they can’t get water from the taps, it’s very transparent.ewater_girls2