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Jappineh Village Online With 25 New eWATERtaps

Last week the eWATERpay team completed the installation of 25 new taps in Jappineh Village, Gambia. The existing water supply system had been installed in 2010, but due to the collapse of the village water committee, and inability to collect enough user fees transparently and fairly in order to carry out repairs,  the inverter stopped working and all the taps ran dry.

For the last two years over 1,500 people have been using contaminated open wells. All the taps have now been replaced with eWATERtaps and users are happy to purchase eWATERcredit from the local water seller, or directly using their own phones. Over 500 households have joined the scheme in the last month and purchased between 50 pence and £1 of water to cover their household needs for the next few months.