DSC_1777[31]In The Gambia and Senegal mobile phone coverage is almost 100% with most households having access to a mobile phone. This revolution has happened over the last 5 years. People now use mini home solar systems to charge up the village TV to watch the Premiership matches but still drink dirty infested water.

Africa Water Enterprises is embracing solar and mobile phone technology to provide the solutions. We take over broken existing water systems and carry out all the repairs and then install eWATERtaps, an innovative new technology using NFC contactless pay, mobile money and the Internet of Things to allow people to buy affordable, clean water. This money is transferred to a local maintenance provider electronically which prevents the need for water committees to handle cash …..and so reduces corruption.

 Locally trained tchnicians oversee the regular maintenance of the system and are accountable if the system breaks down.

Users pay half a pence per 20 litre jerry can and the system is maintained forever.

WATER-TAP-LOGO no glow-01


We have entered into a unique partnership with Africell, the Gambia’s main mobile phone operator, and the Department of Water Resources to use mobile phone payments  to allow our users to also purchase credit by mobile phone. Water is not wasted, each drop is paid for, and so never again will the system remain broken without the money to pay for repairs.

Once set, up the system is self funding and will always be repaired

Recently, our Founder Alison Wedgwood was awarded a Special Recognition prize at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for the eWATER innovation and for driving the development and adoption of the technology to transform the lives of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

The eWATERcare maintenance system also was second in the IOT 4YFN Start Up Competiiton, for sending data on tap functionality and usage back to the cloud server to allow responsive maintenance to be carried out immediately.