Corporate Partners

Africa Water Enterprises doesn’t just want donations from corporate partners – although of course all donations are really appreciated. Instead we develop partnerships which we think benefit you as well.


Africa Water Enterprises wants to embrace the energy and skills that private sector corporations have in abundance. You don’t have to be an expert in bore – hole construction, hydro-geology, or handpump technology to actually provide useful support to our work.

We offer the opportunity for employees to visit our programme for one week up to 3 months. You will be amazed how much professionals from the UK can contribute to the design and implementation of our projects.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.04.33Newton Europe is the fastest growing consultancy in the UK employing more new engineers from Oxbridge than any other company in Europe. Newton provide financial support and also offers its consultants the opportunity to contribute to project management and planning. As one of the leading operational improvement consultancies in the world the inputs from Newton employees are invaluable for our team and country programme in The Gambia – providing fresh insights to complement our innovative approach.

Newton employee Matt Passman recently spent time on the programme supporting Sophie McPhillips an Engineers Without Borders volunteer also working on the project.

sophie_mcphillips_volunteer_africa_wate_660“It was a fantastic experience because I felt like I was really at the sharp end of development not sitting in an office doing workshops. We had to travel for hours to a very remote village village close to the border with Senegal to repair a soak away . We then held a village meetings and agreed with everyone how much users would pay the village water entrepreneur to maintain the handpumps. I used the same negotiation skills I’d used with clients back in the UK – it wasn’t that different at all. I went back to work in the UK feeling like I’d really made a difference and my skill sets as a Senior Consultant for Newton Europe were definitely useful for Africa Water Enterprises.”

If you would like your company to get involved as a partner – whether financial or operational please contact us.


If you are thinking of making a large donation, or donating through a family trust or charitable foundation then Africa Water Enterprises is ideal because it is a small charity that will work closely with you so you know exactly how your donations are making a difference. You will have updates to assure you that your donations are being used to develop innovative and sustainable water programmes in West Africa using new technologies such as mobile payments and solar powered pumping systems.