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We offer the option of purchasing training and business support; or you or your organisation can buy specific water supply components to contribute to the rehabilitation and construction of a village water supply scheme.  Remember all donations can be offset against tax and any donation, no matter how small will be used directly to provide clean water forever.

If you or your organisation contribute over £5,000 or fund the whole village water system we will provide full feedback reports on progress: what was installed; how the operation, maintenance and cost recovery system has been set up; and monitoring to ensure the water supply will be maintained and repaired continually by the village water entrepreneur.

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A monthly donation of £2  –  provides clean water for a family of 10 people



A monthly donation of £5  – provide training for a women entrepreneur to run a small business managing the village water system



A monthly donation of £10  – provides the  maintenance to pump up clean water from the ground using solar technology which will provide clean water for 150 people forever

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